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Founded by parents... providing excellence in education, one child at a time.
Founded by parents... providing excellence in education, one child at a time.

Sign Language Instruction

American Sign Language classes are intended to facilitate communication among hearing, hard-of-hearing and deaf individuals. Classes are offered in 14-week increments in the spring and fall and meet on Tuesday evenings at the Willie Ross main campus in Longmeadow.

Baby Sign classes are also offered in partnership with Square One. Research has found that hearing infants who learned to sign had better language skills than those who did not.

Course Descriptions

Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Intermediate levels will be presented using total communication, which uses voice and sign language simultaneously. Final determination of placement will be made by the school.

Beginner Class
For students who have no previous experience in sign language. Students will learn to combine words to form simple sentences.

Advanced Beginner Class
For students who have some knowledge of sign language and have learned how to fingerspell. Students will increase vocabulary, develop manual fluency, speed and accuracy, and conduct brief conversations using everyday expressions.

Intermediate Class
For students who possess a strong basic sign language vocabulary and fluency in expressive and receptive communication. Emphasis will be on development of vocabulary and conversation.

Advanced Conversation
The emphasis of this class is on conversational skills. Review and use of vocabulary presented in Beginner through Intermediate classes will take place in the context of conversation. Non-manual behaviors (such as eye gaze, facial expressions and body position), idioms and expressions from American Sign Language will be incorporated into conceptually correct English word order.

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